We accept payments by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, ATM, Mbway, Klarna and other payment methods. The payment method must be selected at the time of ordering. 

All transactions made with our payment methods are secure and protected with the highest security standards.

All payments made by credit card are protected by the 3D Secure security protocol. This protocol adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that only the cardholder can make payments. An extra verification step, such as a security code or answer to a security question, is required to confirm the authenticity of the payment.

Bank transfer

When you choose bank transfer as your payment method, you must transfer the amount of your order to the IBAN provided at the checkout.

Credit Card

When you choose Credit Card as your payment method you will be directed to the bank's secure page where you can make the payment. The payment limit is 5000 per transaction.


Paypal is a secure method of payment used worldwide. For more information about this payment method, please visit www.paypal.com.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not store any login data of the customer's Paypal account.


When you choose payment by ATM as your payment method, you will receive a reference code that you will need to use to make the payment at ATM machines or at at your Homebanking. 

When you finalize your order, an ATM reference will be generated. You will receive this reference in the order confirmation e-mail.

If, after 24 hours, the client has not made the transfer, the order will be cancelled.


MB WAY is an interbank solution that allows you to pay your order quickly and conveniently via the MB WAY application on your smartphone.

To use this payment method, select MB WAY and enter your cell phone number.

Then validate the payment in the notifications area in the app and confirm the payment with your MB WAY PIN or Touch ID on your smartphone.

For more information on this payment method, visit www.mbway.pt.

If, after 1 hour, the customer has not made the transfer, the order will be cancelled.

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