The Privacy Policy of World Fit Online, Lda (also referred as BOOMFIT) is committed to its customers regarding the protection of personal data, strengthening the relationship of trust. This Policy informs about the data treatment and the rights of the holders. BOOMFIT complies with the principles of the GDPR and applicable data protection legislation of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR) and applicable data protection legislation. BOOMFIT processes personal data through business processes supported by operational and technical means.

Browsing the BOOMFIT website and registering as a client in the online store presupposes the understanding and acceptance of this Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

BOOMFIT maintains a constant concern for the defense of the privacy of personal data and a preventive action regarding the security of the site and the protection of data of its customers and visitors.

To reinforce the guarantees of confidentiality of personal data, new data protection measures have been implemented, both in terms of verification of the legitimacy of the use of personal data processed, and in terms of ensuring compliance with the rights recognized to the holders of such data. In this context, and through the specialization of customer support channels, BOOMFIT intends to promote clearer and more objective communication of the purposes underlying the processing of personal data and transparency of processing operations.

Thus, the information contained in this text intends to transmit, clearly and unambiguously, the content of the privacy policy and protection of personal data that will be subject to processing under the terms provided in the General Data Protection Regulation in force (hereinafter RGPD) and as delimited by the content of the business relationship to be established between the data subject and BOOMFIT.

1. What is personal data and what categories of data do we process at BOOMFIT?

Personal data is information that refers to an identified or identifiable natural person. At BOOMFIT we process the following categories of data: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, VAT number, payment information, purchase history, navigation data and other information related to the Customer's account or purchase.

2. Types of personal data collected

In general terms, personal data is collected in three situations directly arising from BOOMFIT's activity:

2.1 User registration of the user: creation of the BOOMFIT customer-account and purposes of data processing

In order to create a customer account, a personal area is made available where the customer shall enter the data necessary to identify him/her as a customer. The first purchase will depend on the provision of additional personal data, essential for order processing and delivery.

The mandatory fields in the forms available for those registration phases are marked with an asterisk (*).

BOOMFIT is committed to protecting customer data and will never make it available to third parties without the knowledge or consent of the owner, as required by law.

When processing the customer's order, it is possible that certain personal data (such as address and postal code) may be disclosed to third parties for the sole purpose of preventing and detecting fraud and always following a request to that effect by the competent authorities.

In addition, when you make a purchase on the site, you will also be asked for data regarding the delivery address and payment details in order to ensure the greatest possible efficiency and compliance with delivery times.

To offer Klarna's payment methods, at the time of payment, we may transmit to Klarna during the purchase process your personal data included in the contact form and order details, so that Klarna can assess whether you meet the requirements to access your payment methods and to adapt these payment methods to your profile. Your personal data is processed in accordance with the provisions of Klarna's privacy policy.

The data you provide will be kept for the strictly necessary period of time, which normally corresponds to the term of existence of your customer account. For this reason, at the moment the customer activates the cancellation of the customer account, the personal data will be definitively deleted, with the exception of the data necessary for the fulfillment of legal obligations that will be stored in a database for this purpose and for the time absolutely necessary. If you wish to place a new order on the site, you must proceed with a new initial registration, being subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of registration.

We may also collect other information about your experience on the site with the sole purpose of improving the service to you, which we will do after confirmation of knowledge and, when necessary, after the express consent of the owner of the personal data.

With regard to updating customer data, whenever you wish to verify the data you have provided to BOOMFIT, you may do so in your personal area. The Customer shall keep his/her account access data secure, since any action or request made through his/her account shall be his/her responsibility, provided that the procedures for validating the Customer's identity described below have been followed.

We recommend that you do not store your password in your browser, since another person with access to your computer may access your personal information.

3. In what situations do we process your personal data?

We process your personal data to fulfill legal obligations, to process your orders, to fulfill a contract concluded between both parties, to process payments and to provide a quality service. In addition, we process your personal data for marketing purposes and to improve the browsing experience on our websites.

4. For what purposes do we process your personal data?

By providing your personal data, you agree to the use of this data for the specific purposes informed in the Privacy Policy. These purposes include deliveries to your home, tax compliance and marketing actions. Your data is handled in accordance with applicable law and is only used for the purposes for which it was provided.

5. On what basis do we process your personal data?

We process your data with your express consent for the purposes of direct marketing by our store, in the performance of the contract of a sale of a product purchased from our store and in compliance with a legal obligation.

We are committed to handling your personal data in a manner that ensures confidentiality and security.

6. How long do we keep your personal data?

Your personal data is retained for the period set out in the applicable data protection legislation. After this period, the data is deleted or anonymized in order to ensure the safety of our customers.

7. To who do we transmit your personal data?

BOOMFIT transmits personal data to external service providers, such as transport companies, security companies, payment companies, government entities, etc. These external service providers process the personal data on behalf of BOOMFIT in accordance with the instructions received, ensuring that the personal data is treated securely and confidentially.

8. What are your personal data protection rights and how can you exercise them?

Data subjects have the right to access, rectification, erasure, limitation, limitation, portability and opposition to the processing of their personal data. The data subject may exercise their rights by contacting BOOMFIT through the e-mail address [email protected]

9. Cookies

BOOMFIT uses cookies to improve the browsing experience in the online store. Cookies are small data files that the online store stores on your computer, cell phone or tablet. These cookies allow the online store to remember your browsing preferences, for example the language or country in which you are browsing. These cookies are also used to improve the shopping experience, allowing the customer to access their account information and make faster and safer purchases. BOOMFIT also uses cookies for analysis and marketing purposes, in order to help improve our customers' browsing and buying experience, as well as the personalization of campaigns. You can access all cookies stored by the store in your customer area.

9.1 Cookies used on the BOOMFIT site:

  • _gad - Used to distinguish users
  • _gat - Used to track request rate
  • gid - Used to distinguish users
  • date_add - Date and time of cookie creation
  • id_lang - Identifier of the language associated with the user
  • id_currency - Identifier of the user's associated currency
  • last_visited_category - Identifier of the last category visited by the user
  • ajax_blockcart_display - Option of the cart view to be expanded or compacted.
  • Viewed - Identifier of the recently viewed products separated by commas.
  • id_wishlist - Identifier of the wishlist to show in the wish block.
  • checkedTOS - Flag for acceptance of the terms and conditions (1 accept, 0 not accept)
  • id_guest - Identifier of the user as a visitor if not logged in
  • id_connections - Connection identifier for the user's current session
  • id_customer - Customer ID if logged in
  • customer_lastname - Last name of customer
  • customer_firstname - First name of customer.
  • logged - Login marker
  • passwd - Encrypted password of the customer.
  • email - Email address of the customer after login.
  • id_cart - Identifier of the current cart to be shown in the cart block.
  • checksum - Used by us to validate if the information mentioned in the cookie is changed by a third party.
  • _stripe_sid and _stripe_mid - Stripe is used to make payments via Credit Card. Stripe uses cookies to remember your identity and to allow Boomfit to process payments without storing any Credit Card information on its servers.
  •  _fbp - Used by Facebook to create ads for products on Facebook 
  •  Google Doubleclick - This is an advertising cookie that we use to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. It allows Google to show our ads on other websites based on your browser history on our page or interaction with our ads.

9.2 Enabling and disabling cookies and similar technologies 

The newsletters and other communications may, for statistical purposes, contain information allowing to know if they are opened and to verify the clicks through links within them. However, the client is always granted the faculty of cancelling the sending of the newsletter or e-mail communication through the specific option mentioned in it.

In addition, in the Help menu of the browser used, the client can manage the use of cookies and other similar technologies. As indicated in the message visible at the top of this page, access to the BOOMFIT online store requires the use of cookies and deactivating them may affect navigation on the site.

To obtain more information, we suggest consulting the information available in each of the browsers or consulting articles with specific information on the subject.

10. Individualized communications promoting products

BOOMFIT may or may not send electronic mail messages, in the form of newsletters, through which it carries out general or customer-targeted promotional campaigns. The reception of such communications is only made after verifying that the client has given his or her consent expressly and unequivocally and that he or she has been informed of his or her right to cancel, at any time, the permissions granted for such purposes.

The processing of personal data carried out within the scope of individualized communications is done in strict compliance with the RGPD, both by BOOMFIT's employees and by any third parties to whom such data are transmitted for the purpose of performing the services necessary for the implementation of promotional campaigns.

11. Redirection

Some links on this site redirect the customer to external sites. By clicking on these links, you will be leaving the BOOMFIT site. As no control over such sites can be exercised, BOOMFIT shall have no liability for any content made available on such sites.

12. Security of Processing

BOOMFIT uses one of the most secure online ordering systems available and is constantly improving its software in order to offer the highest possible security to its customers. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption of transmitted data secures our identity.

13. Purpose Limitation, Access and Retention

BOOMFIT is committed to using the personal data of its customers and visitors for the purposes strictly necessary for the pursuit of its activity, with the limitations arising from the scope of the same or the extent of the consent expressly granted by the holder. This also means that the data will not be transmitted to any third party without the knowledge and/or authorization of the same in cases where BOOMFIT is legally required to do so.

In this sense, BOOMFIT also ensures that access to such data by its employees is only made to the extent necessary to carry out the action in question, being identified and tracked according to the functions and tasks assigned to them under the contractual relationship that unites them.

14. Data subject's rights

14.1 Right to information and access to personal data

At any time, the Customer may request information about the personal data stored, both with regard to the category of personal data concerned, the origin and recipient(s) of the data, the duration of the storage period and the underlying purposes, and with regard to the identification of the data controller, the data protection officer and their contact details.

14.2 Right to rectification and right to erasure of personal data

If you wish to exercise your right to rectify your data, you must send your request, identifying the data to be modified and the new wording, by e-mail to [email protected] or by telephone call to 918601806. The same procedure should be followed if the customer wishes to exercise his right to the elimination of personal data.

14.3 Right to object and to withdraw prior consent

In reinforcement of the principle of transparency in the processing of personal data and communications with the customer, BOOMFIT allows the customer, at any time, to modify the data processing permissions granted. To do so, please contact BOOMFIT by email: [email protected]

15. Changes to the Privacy Policy and Contacts

Any changes made to this Privacy and Data Protection Policy will be published on BOOMFIT's website.

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